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Shoes and clothes for the style diva in you

Did you know that Made in Design stock a small but impressive selection of really stylish shoes, clothes and accessories? Whether it’s ballet shoes, leather shoes, or hangers and polishers you’re looking for, every item is carefully chosen by us to not only do its job well but to add something aesthetically pleasing to your wardrobe and style. From formal stilettos to pure leather shoes with quirky designs such as perched butterflies and cut out sections, the styles are as unique as they are elegant.


Classy shoes for fabulous women

If you are dreaming of elegant and decidedly dressy footwear, then take a look at the L’Audecieuse collection by Ateliers Tersi.These incredibly classy shoes are hand-made in France from genuine leather and are part of a collection of five models, each one inspired by a different personality trait.


Keep your shoes looking their best

It’s no good buying awesome shoes and clothes if you don’t take care of them, but at Made in Design we can make that easy for you. Authentics have designed the cute and playful Benny Brush shoe polisher, where a wire fox terrier helps you keep your shoes at their finest with his brush belly, activated by simply pushing a button.